SATIN G&D App featured in Nordnytt

The north sweden regional TV channel Nordnytt included a segment about the "Gender App", developed using the SATIN toolkit. In the news report, the head of the department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering Jonas Ekman, describes how the App will be useful for attracting more women to the universitys IT programs. See the News report here:


SATIN Portal is Open

The SATIN toolkit is now available at:

Please use it and build mobile apps.

Note: Chrome, Firefox and Safari is supported. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not.

SATIN as an education tool

SATIN was used in "App & Go", a course for giving high school students a taste of
university studies. The students were able to build their own apps within half an
hour of the course! Fortunately, the news program "Nordnytt" visited the SATIN
project when App & Go was active, and recorded some responses from the students.
Watch video here.

SATIN Video released

The SATIN Video that was produced for the Mobile World Congress
is available on the LTU YouTube Channel. The video is intended as
a "draw attention" video at a large congress, and is hence compact,
just about 2 minutes. Watch the video here.

LTU project SATIN demonstrated at Mobile World Congress,

The SATIN tool was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Feb 25-28.
The Mobile World Congress is the largest event in the mobile world, with more than
70.000 visitors.

SATIN participated in the EIT ICT Labs stand, where visitors received a video presentation
of the SATIN tool, and was invited to try the tool hands-on.

Juwel Rana received "Best Student Paper Award"

At the 2012 International Conference on Social Computing and its Applications
(SCA 2012), Juwel Rana received the "Best Student Paper Award".

Big congratulations from all the SATIN project. The paper "Dynamic Media Distribution
in Ad-Hoc Social Networks" is available in the "Research Mission" page.

Gender App launched

CHECKLIST – gender mainstreaming in practice

SATIN demonstrated at Creative Media Days

Andreas Jakobsson and Annika Sällström will demonstrate SATIN at, 6-7 nov. SATIN will be a part of the
European Networks of Living Labs - ENoLL stand.

Juwel Rana to present paper at SCA 2012

Juwel Rana, LTU - Pervasive and Mobile Computing, will present his paper:
Dynamic Media Distribution in Ad-Hoc Social Networks at SCA 2012 -
Social Computation and its Applications:

eChallenges paper

The eChallenges paper is available in the "Research Mission" page,
and through this link.

Link to the editor (Note: Chrome, 
Firefox and Safari supported)


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